Please follow the steps below for sending any instrument for repair

  • The instruments should be sent in a sterile pack with proof of sterilization
  • Download & complete the repair form attached below with all the required details
  • Ensure that the instruments are securely packed to avoid any possible damage during transit
  • Send the instruments to either our Chennai or Bangalore contact addresses based on where you purchased it from. If you are unsure, please send it to our Chennai address

To download Repair Form click here

Terms & Conditions

  • If the required steps are not followed, we reserve the right to return the instruments without repair
  • We only accept HEBSON brand instruments for repair.
  • We normally repair and return the instruments within a week or two from receiving them. However, the time taken for repair will depend on the quantity of instruments and the shipping location
  • We will try our best to repair all the instruments sent to us, however kindly note that some of the instruments may be beyond repair and may need to be replaced. Our support staff will get in touch with you if such a scenario arises to discuss and decide on the next steps.